SPA: The Menù

SPA Price & Rules

Wellness Pass (3 hours)
(use of sauna-Biosauna- steam bath.-minihydropool "Gala" emotional showers
herbal tea corner and relaxation area)
access times (Mon-Sat):
12.30 to 15.30
09.00-12.00 (Sunday)
(with bathrobe and towels included + € 5.00)
€ 20.00

Salt cabin relaxation entrance (price per person)

(access allowed for a maximum of 2 people. Children (up to 12 years) accompanied by a paying adult
enter for free.
€ 25.00

Day Wellness Pass + towel + bathrobe.
09.00-14.00 / 14.00-19.00 Mon-Sat
€ 30.00

Day Wellness Pass + towel + bathrobe + salt cabin
€ 40.00
Solarium megasun bed or shuttle 360 Esafacial
€ 8.00

SPA center opening hours: Mon-Sat 09.00-19.00 Sun 09.00-12.00

SPA Rules

SPA rules
Rules to keep in the spa
In the Sauna and Bio-sauna it is compulsory to leave the shoes outside the cabin and spread the sheet that is provided
It is a good habit to take a body cleansing shower before entering the hydromassage
Once out of any hot cabin (Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, bio-sauna) it is mandatory to take a cooling shower and stop on the relaxation beds for at least 10 minutes
It is possible to use (weather permitting) the outdoor swimming pool and whirlpool during the stay in the hotel (4th floor)
We remind you that in the SPA center it is necessary to be introduced by the staff of the center, if not present at the reception counter wait a few minutes or ask for assistance from the customer-service floor-1 (hotel reception)

In the SPA area it is forbidden to enter with:
cell phones or similar devices
shoes with heels
alcoholic drinks and foods

Entry is not granted to minors under the age of 18

In SPA you need a moderate tone of voice.

Swimsuit mandatory


Relax-massage Cotonette
(full body relax massage with “cotonette” oils)
€ 50,00

Aromamassaggio Garda Sol “Rugiada”
(full body relax massage with aromatic Rugiada-oils)
€ 60,00

Antistress massage Egypt
€ 50,00

Massaggio Lipo & Tonificante Italian coffee
(invigorating massage and Lipo with coffee oil)
€ 50,00

Massaggio Drenante ai Red fruit
(dren massage)
€ 50,00

Oriental Massage

Cinese ScenTao Massage (digitopressione cinese)
(Cinese Acupressure-Zen Relax-shiatsu)
€ 50,00

Bamboo Massage (massaggio drenante con bamboo)
(with bamboo shoots)
€ 60,00

“Trattamento Lulur” rituale polinesiano 90’
(Bath & massage from the island of Java )
€ 100,00

Warm Zen Stone Massage
(Zen Hot Stone Massage)
€ 60,00

Onda della Malesia – Massaggio delle Regine
(Malaysian massage queens- SeeMalay)
€ 60,00

Oriental Spice Pinda Sweda
(con tamponi caldi alle spezie)
€ 60,00

Lomi Lomi Massage
(Tropical Hawaian)
€ 70,00

Oriental soul Massage
(Orientale di Armonia olistica)
€ 70,00

Shangri-la Tibet massage
(con moxa nei punti contratti)
€ 70,00

SPA rituals & Peeling in wichy shower

Cromo “floating” relax in Soft pack (20min)
(floating in the soft pack for the back relaxation)
€ 30,00

Grape Treatment (all’uva) con peeling
(peeling and body mask antiage antiradicali)
€ 70,00

SPA Experience Hydromassage-bath & Bodytreatment
(imperial hydromassage bath + massage/body treatment)
€ 90,00

Trattamento completo Dreaming SPA 2h
(compleat body treatment with gommage and body masck Toning and skin-masturaising)
€ 100,00

SPA Smeraldo massage & face treatment 90’
(Travel on the spice route between the Emerald Coast of Brittany and China,
passing through flavors and fragrances,
massaged with a pink stone granitca calligraphy with brush and massage the face)
€ 100,00

Salt body Scrub al sale rosa dell’Hymalaya
(Hymalayan Salt Scrub )
€ 50,00

Green Tea Peeling (tratt. Esfoliante)
(green tea body peeling-scrub by Miraur)
€ 50,00

Lavanda Patchuli e Vaniglia Scrub (tratt. Esfoliante)
(Peeling body treatment addolcente by Miraur)
€ 50,00
Liposcrub al caffè (tratt. Esfoliante)
(Peeling body treatment with coffee)
€ 50,00

Estetic & SPA Treatment

Our facial treatments

GardaSol Facial Treatment (face cleaning with ultrasound)
(deep cleansing facial with ultrasound)
€ 60.00

Sun kissis face + activator + esafacial solar lamp
(fast-facial with peeling + UVA)
€ 35.00

Myrtilla Red mask facial * (for sensitive skin)
(vasoprotector for sensitive skin / cranberry capillary fragility)
€ 60.00

Eau de mer blue mask facial * (sooting facial)
(soothing for congested / reddened / inflamed skin with seaweed)
€ 60.00

Face Clay purify * (with Canadian Mud)
(Purifying for oily skin or enlarged pores. Moisturizing)
€ 60.00

GardaSol Luxury Elegance * (anti-aging - Miraur 4in1 treatment)
(Shock anti-aging treatment)
€ 80.00

Luxury Elegance Eyes eye treatment
(eye contour treatment)
€ 50.00
* with ultrasound deep facial cleansing
€ 10.00

Face check-up with Skin Color (consultancy) € 25.00

Body treatments

firming treatments

Soy Soy Body remodeling treatment
(body treatment with Soy coffee and malt soy
to reshape the breasts or glutes)
€ 60.00

Voile de Sultane "Rassoul" treatment 90 '
(Moroccan ritual among the scents of rose and jasmine,
with lands of the fertile valleys of Morocco toning to firm)
€ 80.00

elasticizing treatments

Magic Honey Body SPA with honey + 2h massage
(bodytreatment miel honey and deat-see salt with honey massage)
€ 110.00

Oloil SPA + Mediterr-mass. with Olive Oil 2h
(Treatment with olive oil, basil and peeling massage with olive oil)
€ 110.00

draining and purifying treatments

Purifying compress with ventilated green clays
(body wrap in soft pack with detoxifying and purifying clays)
€ 110.00

Soap Dream Treatment 2h
(treatment of loofah scrub with a cloth, savonage with Aleppo soap and
massage bags Himalayan stones. Argan oil massage)
€ 110.00

anti-cellulite treatments

Anti-cellulite with thermal mud
(Anti-cellulite mud treatment with thermal mud in the soft pack)
€ 60.00

Tratt. Ritual Ocean with shells (90 ')
(anti-cellulite body treatment with massage ritual ocean with shells)
€ 100.00

Nocell by TEN tratt. Body or bandage (90 ')
(anti-cellulite body treatment with mask in soft pack & body wrap)
€ 100.00

Beauty Saloon

hand and foot treatments

Manicure in Pedi SPA room
(aesthetic manicure with hydromassage bath on the feet)
€ 25.00

SPA Pedicure
(pedicure with thermal hydromassage on the feet)
€ 30.00

Modeling foot treatment
(moisturizing and modeling treatment
with peeling + mask + massage)
€ 45.00

hair removal and small aesthetics

Partial bikini line hair removal included
€ 22.00

Total bikini line hair removal included
€ 28.00

Depilation man chest or back
€ 20.00

Depilation man chest + back
€ 30.00

Supplement for total bikini
€ 10.00

Partial bikini or armpits or arms
€ 10.00

Total bikini
€ 16.00

Papaya hair regrowth retardant ampoule
€ 6.00

Mustache or eyebrow shaping
€ 7.00

Eyebrow tint or eyelash tint
€ 15.00

Our imperial baths

Hydro bath "Poppea"
(aromatic bath with milk and vanilla)
€ 32.00

Tropical salt bath
(with mango and papaya)
€ 32.00

Algae bath SPA
(snelling-firming with algae)
€ 32.00

Scen-Tao bath of the Chinese empress
(antistress, relax withl ginseng ginko biloba and green tea)
€ 32.00

Romantic bath with the scent of cherry blossoms and Rose
(emotional rose flower bath)
€ 32.00

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